Your Pet’s Environmental Pawprint

Posted on Jul 1, 2013 in Green Tip

Pets are such a source of joy, but the 160 million dogs and cats owned by Americans do impact the environment. According to the Sierra Club, choosing the greenest products for your pet is one way to reduce your pet’s environmental pawprint.

The U.S. pet product industry rakes in more than $40 billion per year, but only $1 billion goes to eco-friendly items. Do your part to pump up that number by opting for organic pet food, as well as gear and toys made by eco-minded manufacturers. Save your money, and make your own chew toys by repurposing old cotton t-shirts. Simply cut the shirt into strips of fabric and tie it into ropes!

You might also try making your own cat litter using old newspaper shreds:

  • soak shredded newspaper in warm water with a touch of dish soap
  • drain and repeat step #1 without soap
  • sprinkle baking soda over paper, knead, squeeze out any leftover water
  • crumble over a screen and let dry

Lastly, buying greener doesn’t mean you have to buy more. The best way to reduce waste is to ask yourself whether your pet really needs the item you’re considering buying.