Young Professional Council Formally Approved by Keep Cincinnati Beautiful

Posted on Aug 18, 2016 in Blog, Featured

Young Professional Council Formally Approved by
Keep Cincinnati Beautiful

The YP Council is first of its kind for national Keep America Beautiful affiliates

Cincinnati, OH, August 16, 2016 – Keep Cincinnati Beautiful (KCB) unveiled the first ever Young Professional’s (YP) Council for a local affiliate of the national franchise, Keep America Beautiful. The KCB YP Council is a counter part to the more traditional, formal Board of Trustees and empowers young professionals to participate and create their own vision for carrying out Keep Cincinnati Beautiful’s mission. The KCB YP Council will also spearhead the development and growth of KCB’s young professional-aged donors and volunteers. The KCB YP Council is the first of its kind for any Keep America Beautiful affiliate in the country.

“The group was entirely conceptualized by a few of our amazing volunteers and we could not be more proud of the effort and foundation they have created,” said Mary Huttlinger, executive director of Keep Cincinnati Beautiful. “We are already seeing the benefits of the Council’s work.”

The KCB YP Council is made up of ten young professionals from the Greater Cincinnati area and one board member liaison. The Council members are:

● Mike Piotrowski, PwC

● Emily Rossetti, Topic Design

● Maggie Schwarb, The Kroger Company

● Matt Rosan, Barnes Dennig

● Matt Habel, The Kroger Company

● Carolyn Cone, New Richmond School District

● Jeremy Worley, Novitex

● Blayre Worley, Talbert House

● Evelyn Johnson, The Kroger Company

● Lisa Zaring, Robert Half

● Laura Duminuco, KCB board member, The Kroger Company

KCB YP Council

(Pictured left to right: Jeremy Worley, Blayre Worley, Carolyn Cone, Matt Habel, Emily Rossetti, Patrick Russell and Mike Piotrowski. Not Pictured: Maggie Schwarz, Matt Rosan, Evelyn Johnson and Lisa Zaring) ​

“Over the next year, we plan to build a solid foundation for the KCB YP Council so that our legacy can be built upon by the next generation of young professionals,” said Piotrowski, council chair and co-creator. “We want the KCB YP Council to be sustainable and productive so we are being very intentional about creating value and structure in its formation.”

The group’s mission is: To inspire and educate young professionals as they grow into leaders within Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, their communities and organizations. To motivate civic engagement through learning and action resulting in positive societal change; and encouraging collaborative work for optimum impact on the community.

The KCB YP Council also provides networking opportunities, exposure to city leadership, service opportunities, career building, leadership development, mentoring, an understanding of non-profit operations, as well as, social happy hours.

“It’s been a big undertaking to start the group out of thin air, but Mary and the KCB staff have been extremely supportive and welcoming of every idea we’ve had,” said Rossetti, vice-chair and co-creator. “It’s refreshing to have an organization, like KCB, recognize the value that young professional bring to the table and that makes it an easy sell to get more young people involved.”

To join Keep Cincinnati Beautiful’s YP Council or to stay up to date about the group’s future plans, contact or visit