Don’t Trash [My] ‘Nati

If you’ve been around Cincinnati for a while, you’ve probably heard the phrase “Don’t Trash The ‘Nati” more than a few times. “Don’t Trash The ‘Nati” was an anti-littering campaign created by Keep Cincinnati Beautiful that gained popularity in the ’90s. The idea was that if people took pride in their city, they wouldn’t litter (or “trash” it).

The word “trash” serves two purposes in this case. For starters, no city is perfect. So instead of fixating on our problems, this campaign celebrates our assets. We want people to enjoy and respect the city, not bash it. In the same breath, we also need people to help keep it clean by not littering and by getting involved in community cleanups. Everyone – including residents, businesses, and city government – should share in the responsibility of keeping Cincinnati clean. That’s why we changed the slogan to “Don’t Trash [My] ‘Nati” — to remind all of us that Cincinnati belongs to us, and it’s ours to take care of.

You can join this movement by becoming a more engaged citizen. Get involved in neighborhood cleanup events and encourage others to do the same. Set a good example by not littering. Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using #MyNati. Never underestimate how your actions can influence others. Even something as small as picking up a piece of litter on your way into the grocery store can have a ripple effect. Get to know your neighbors. Work together, and stay positive about how to make Cincinnati a more vibrant city!


Join A Cleanup Event
Trash belongs in a trash can – not on our highways, not on our streets, and not in our parks. Help Keep Cincinnati Beautiful put litter in its place by volunteering at one of our Great American Cleanup events. When citizens take ownership of an area, studies indicate that litter decreases while people and businesses flourish. In other words, when the city is clean, communities thrive. We thrive. Together we can make Cincinnati more clean and vibrant! Grab your friends, join your neighbors, and volunteer on a Saturday morning this month. Click here for a list of upcoming events!


Spread The Word
Share this campaign with your friends and family, and encourage others to take pride in Cincinnati. Click here to download Don’t Trash [My] ‘Nati artwork for your Facebook page and more! You can also take pictures of your favorite Cincinnati spots and share them on Instagram and Twitter using #MyNati.


Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
Sponsor a cleanup event in your part of the ‘Nati. Click here to make a donation of cleanup supplies, tools, or cold hard cash*.

(*Okay, we just liked the sound of that, but in reality, we’re set up to take checks or credit cards too. And hey, all donations are tax-deductible!)