Trick-Or-Treating, Green Edition

Posted on Oct 29, 2014 in Green Tip

For most neighborhoods, Trick-or-Treat is two nights away for most neighborhoods, and we want to make sure you have a Happy HalloGREEN. See what I did there… :) Keep these tips in mind for a safe and fun evening!

If you’re passing out candy, try out a few organic or low-sugar varieties! From lollipops to gummy bears, many companies specialize in making healthier alternatives to traditional candy.

Even though the night calls for dimly lit houses and spooky sound effects, light up the walkway to your house for safety with solar-powered garden lights and walk your trick-or-treaters around with a solar flashlight!

Another easy way to stay green on Halloween is to use a reusable cloth bag for trick-or-treating instead of a plastic one.

Lastly, if you and your kids can’t resist munching on some candy along the way, make sure your trick-or-treaters aren’t accidentally littering! Please make sure all candy wrappers end up in a trash can, even wrappers that other kids may have dropped. You can use this opportunity to teach your kids about the importance of a clean neighborhood.

Contributed by Brooke Lehenbauer