This Year, Try a Stay-Cation Instead

Posted on Mar 13, 2015 in Green Tip

Now is the time to book the flight for your spring and summer vacations, right? Well, maybe. But have you ever considered the way long-distance travel effects our environment? Is it really necessary to fly (or drive!) across the country to have a fun family vacation?

This year, when planning for “down time,” consider skipping the vacation in favor of a “stay-cation.”

Spend your time off in town!


If you were a tourist in your own town, what would you do? Maybe there is a museum you haven’t visited yet or a play or musical you’ve been dying to see. When was the last time your kids got to visit their favorite park or spend all day at the public pool? Is there a really cool neighborhood that you’ve been told you’d “just love” but have never had the time to explore?

Take small day trips to see regional points of interest. Stay in that fancy hotel downtown. Visit with friends and family that you don’t usually get to see because of busy schedules.

Florida will still be there next year. This year, give the planet a break and show some love to your home town. Take a stay-cation!