Thanks to the Ohio EPA!

Posted on May 6, 2015 in NewsFlash!, Sponsor Spotlight


We are the proud recipients of a $20,000 grant from the Ohio EPA for our 2015-2016 program year!

These funds, together with a $10,000 match from another donor (who wishes to remain anonymous), will be used to purchase a new truck with a crew cab, lift gate and extended bed with the capacity to haul tools and supplies as well as remove litter and recyclable debris from work sites.

KCB’s existing 1997 crew cab truck (pictured above) has over 150,000 miles, is highly unreliable, and is costing the organization more and more in maintenance and upkeep. For every dollar spent on the continuous maintenance of this vehicle, the less KCB is able to expend on direct programming and recycling efforts.

A reliable, safe vehicle is necessary for KCB to successfully meet our objectives and carry out our mission as well as provide critical support and resources to the thousands of volunteers who, through KCB’s innovative programming, have committed hundreds of hours cleaning and greening Cincinnati’s roadways removing tons of litter and debris improving the quality of life for all Cincinnatians. Funding from OEPA for the replacement of said vehicle will ensure KCB is able to safely and efficiently empower residents and community leaders to take greater responsibility for their neighborhoods by becoming good stewards of the environment and educating the importance of recycling to families and our youth.

“Many Thanks” to the Ohio EPA! We look forward to shopping for our new work vehicle!