Sponsor Spotlight: Brand Old Productions

Posted on Sep 28, 2016 in Blog

Brand Old Productions is a young company that is quickly making their mark in Cincinnati with high quality company videos.

As a multifaceted production company, Brand Old Productions caters to private and corporate clients for commissioned work in producing and directing commercials, web series, feature films, and now, Keep Cincinnati Beautiful’s first public service announcement.


“It was a joy to work with and get to know Sahil and his entire team at Brand Old Productions,” said Denise Brodsky, Director of Development for Keep Cincinnati Beautiful.  “Their time, enthusiasm, creativity, professionalism, accountability, was truly a gift.  We just can’t wait to share the final product with everybody!”

Despite being founded in 2014, the company has over 12 years of collective experience in film production. Brand Old Productions provided a team of talent who volunteered their skills to create KCB’s PSA; including David James as cinematographer and editor, Jim Bailey as sound mixer, and Derek Grote provided the music.

This is Brand Old Production’s first year creating commercials and branded content, but they have been busy. Over the past year they have created company videos for other non-profits including Dramakinetics, Churches Active in Northside (CAIN), Whole-Again, and now Keep Cincinnati Beautiful.

Brand Old Productions approached Keep Cincinnati Beautiful in May and offered to produce a PSA for free. “We were looking through the non-profit groups in Cincinnati; KCB seemed like a group that aligned with our personal goals,” said Director Sahil Sharma.

“We liked the cause and knew we wanted to do anything we could to contribute,” Sharma added.

“KCB does so much, the challenge was ‘how do we capture what you do in 2 minutes?’” said Sharma, “In order to engage people to volunteer or donate, the message needs to be short. You could easily do an hour documentary with all they do.”

The PSA was filmed over several weeks featuring some of the important work KCB does across Cincinnati.   Some of the highlights include a cleanup event in the West End neighborhoods with General Electric; a Great American Cleanup with Crossroads in the historic Wesleyan Cemetery in Northside.

“It’s been a real privilege doing this for KCB because we’ve learned so much about just what it takes to keep a city clean” Sharma said. “Making the PSA has also been a great experience as a video company.”