Skip The Indoor Gym—Get Outside

Posted on Mar 31, 2015 in Green Tip

The first few months of every year, fitness gyms fill to the brim with people committed to making this year the year they get into shape. Is your gym more crowded than usual right now?

Gym memberships are great, especially in cooler or wet weather that isn’t conducive to outdoor exercise. But can you imagine the energy it takes to power all of those fitness machines, big-screen tvs, saunas, and indoor pools?



As spring lends its warmer weather, consider taking your fitness routine outside. Running is obviously one of the easiest ways to move outdoors. So are walking and hiking. Bicycling is getting easier and easier in our cities, as well, as both parks and major roadways add bicycle routes.

You can get more creative, too. Have you ever taken a kayak trip down the river or swam across a lake? When was the last time you tried to make it across a set of monkey bars!?

These things will not only get you outside—which is great for your soul—but also burn your energy, not the planet’s. So, hop off the treadmill and start pounding the pavement. This time of year, your local gym won’t miss you!