Save Water

Posted on Jul 29, 2013 in Green Tip

Here are four easy ways you can save over 8,000 gallons of water each year.

1. Turn Off the Faucet While Brushing Your Teeth
Brushing your teeth seems like a quick job, but before you know it, four gallons of water may have slipped down the sink. Doing this for one year will save 2,880 gallons of water.

2. Bring Your Water With You
Buying a daily bottle of water may quench your thirst, but it parches the planet. Each one-liter plastic bottle takes seven liters of water to produce. Refilling your own bottle directs the water where it’s needed―into your body. Your one-year effect: 577 gallons of water saved.

3. Buy Recycled-Paper Products
Products made from 100 percent recycled paper require much less water in their manufacturing than do those made from virgin paper. If your family goes through four rolls of paper towels a week, choosing recycled reduces waste significantly. This will save 637 gallons of water.

4. Water Your Lawn in the Early Morning or Evening
If you irrigate in the middle of the day, evaporation prevents 14 percent of the water from reaching the plants’ roots. Watering the lawn in the early morning or evening can save the typical home owner 87 gallons a week. Your one-year effect: 4,524 gallons of water saved.