Run and Race with Sustainability in Mind

Posted on May 3, 2013 in Green Tip

With the Flying Pig Marathon sweeping the streets of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky this weekend, we’re in the running spirit so today’s tips are about creating eco-friendly racing habits!

When choosing a race to participate in, choose events that are closer to home, and look for ones that are certified green by the Council for Responsible Sports. Carpool to the race or use public transportation if you can.

You can also find sustainable running shoes that use recycled content in both the manufacturing of the sneaker itself as well as the packaging. Many reputable brands have an eco-option that doesn’t sacrifice quality for sustainability.

During training, choose a day to pick up litter along your route and encourage others to do the same. There may be people in place on race day to pick up the mess at the end of the race, but do your best to throw your water cups and orange peels in a garbage can! Most of those people are volunteers who aren’t getting paid to clean up after you.

Lastly, air dry your running clothes. Skipping the drier for all of your favorite technical fabrics will not only conserve energy, but it will also help preserve the high-tech fibers in your gear so they last longer. This decreases the amount of gear you’ll need to buy.