Safe & Clean Grant Application

Please read the following information carefully.
If you have any questions, please contact Marissa Reed at (513) 352-4388.

The Safe and Clean Neighborhood Fund
The intent of City Council in establishing the Safe and Clean Neighborhood Fund is to support and encourage community-based and community-initiated efforts to improve neighborhood safety, eliminate blight, and increase neighborhood livability through neighborhood-level problem solving approaches and projects.

The City will invest up to $50,000 per year. The Safe and Clean Neighborhood Fund will aim to benefit as many communities as possible by providing grants to support neighborhood and community projects that enhance the safety and quality of life in the community. The neighborhood or community must match the grant request with contributions of volunteer labor, donated materials and professional services, and/or cash.


Goals of the Safe and Clean Neighborhood Fund
There are three goals for the Safe and Clean Neighborhood Fund:

  • To provide financial support for one-time costs (not ongoing operating expenses) for neighborhood-led initiatives to improve quality of life within the City’s neighborhoods
  • To support and encourage community-based and community-initiated projects
  • To improve safety, eliminate blight, and improve livability in the City’s neighborhoods


Number and Amount of Grants
Through the Safe and Clean Neighborhood Fund, the City of Cincinnati will disburse up to $50,000 each year until the funds are depleted. The maximum grant amount is $10,000 per neighborhood project. Each application is evaluated on its own merit by a joint citizen-administration committee, which then makes its decision. Important application criteria are outlined below.


Grantmaking Process
Keep Cincinnati Beautiful will convene a five-member Fund Advisory Committee to review grant applications and make recommendations for funding. Composition of the Fund Advisory Committee will be as follows:

  • One representative from Keep Cincinnati Beautiful; this representative will also serve as the Fund Advisory Committee’s convener
  • One representative from Community Development and Planning
  • One representative from the Police Department
  • One representative from the City Manager’s office (ex officio member)
  • One member from the private sector (representing a broad cross-section of the community) selected by Keep Cincinnati Beautiful

Nominees will serve on the Fund Advisory Committee for one year. In the case of resignation or removal of a representative, Keep Cincinnati Beautiful will replace the representative in time to participate in the upcoming round of application reviews and recommendations.


To Apply
You are required to meet with Keep Cincinnati Beautiful prior to your grant submission.

Applications must be electronically submitted by 5:00 PM on or before the appropriate due date. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered for that round.

We are no longer accepting hardcopy applications. You must submit your application electronically using our online application form. Microsoft Excel is needed to apply. If you do not have access to this program, call Marissa at (513) 352-4388.


Eligibility and Criteria

Grant applications will be accepted from a wide variety of community groups and organizations including neighborhood community councils, neighborhood business district organizations, Citizen on Patrol organizations, Community Problem-Oriented Policing (CPOP) teams and other recognized community organizations such as neighborhood improvement groups, block watch groups, etc. Collaboration between various neighborhood groups and organizations is strongly encouraged.

Funding is awarded for one-time costs associated with projects that improve the safety and livability of a community. Certain expenses are not allowable, including, but not limited to: food and beverages, entertainment, t-shirts and other clothing, personnel costs and stipends. Please call 352-4388 with any specific questions.

Projects must demonstrate measurable outcomes (i.e. changes in the conditions of safety, cleanliness, and livability) as a result of having completed the funded project/program. Grant applications must provide information according to four key selection criteria:

  • Severity of the Problem or Condition
  • Leverage of Resources (financial, volunteers, etc.)
  • Effectiveness of the Proposed Response (including measurable outcomes)
  • Partnership/Collaboration

Strengths in the above four criteria will enhance the competitiveness of any proposal. Other guidelines include:

  • Projects/programs must demonstrate a focus on “safe” and “clean” which together promote neighborhood livability.
  • All projects/programs receiving grants must be implemented within the City of Cincinnati limits.
  • Projects/programs requesting funds must show evidence of matching funds from the community. This can take the form of volunteer labor, donated materials or professional services, and/or cash.
  • All projects/programs must be initiated in the program year and demonstrate measurable impact within one year from receipt of funds.
  • Grantees must comply with the reporting guidelines imposed by the Fund Advisory Committee.


Application and Disbursement
The Fund Advisory Committee may review applications from citizen and community groups twice per year and make decisions for disbursement. Safe and Clean Neighborhood Funds are awarded on a first come, first served basis, so depending on the volume of grant applications received, funds may be depleted after the first round of applicants. To find out about the Safe and Clean Neighborhood Fund’s status, visit or call (513) 352-4388. REMINDER: You are required to meet with Keep Cincinnati Beautiful prior to submitting your grant application.


Provided are key application and disbursement dates for 2017:

Round 1 Application Deadline: Friday, February 3, 2017 5:00 PM sharp
Round 2 Application Deadline: Friday, August 4, 2017 5:00 PM sharp
Grants Awarded: within 30 days
Final Report: Due at project/program completion, within one year


Grant dollars will be dispersed on a reimbursement basis from submitted invoices. Invoices may only be submitted for materials/services within the approved grant.

A final report is due at the end of the project. Failure to submit a final report will result in ineligibility to receive future Safe and Clean Neighborhood funds.

Questions? Call Marissa Reed at (513) 352-4388.