Safe & Clean Grants

Keep Cincinnati Beautiful administers the City of Cincinnati’s Safe and Clean Neighborhood Fund. This fund is designed to support and encourage community-based efforts to improve safety, eliminate blight, and increase livability through neighborhood-level problem solving approaches and projects. The fund provides financial support for one-time costs (not ongoing operating expenses) for initiatives that improve the quality of life within the City’s neighborhoods. Projects must demonstrate measurable outcomes of change in the conditions of safety, cleanliness, and livability.

The Safe and Clean Neighborhood Fund will disburse up to $50,000 from the fund each year until the funds are depleted. The maximum grant amount is $10,000 per neighborhood project. There is a required neighborhood match, and funds are available on a reimbursement basis only. Important application criteria are outlined in the application below. Please note: You are required to meet with Keep Cincinnati Beautiful prior to your grant submission to discuss your project.

Applications will be accepted twice each year, as long as funds are still available. In other words, all available dollars could be granted during the first round of applications. Please check this page for updates or call (513) 352-4388.

The first round of 2017 applications will be due by 5:00 PM on Friday, February 3, 2017.

Your application must be submitted electronically to Keep Cincinnati Beautiful by 5:00 PM on or before the due date. Applications received after the deadline may be resubmitted for the following round if funds are available. Keep in mind, we often receive so many worthy applications in the first round that we deplete our funds for the remainder of the year.

For further information, please refer to the Safe & Clean Grant Presentation or email Marissa Reed.

Safe & Clean Grant Presentation

Click here to view or download the 2017 Safe & Clean Grant Presentation.


Click here to apply online for a 2017 Safe & Clean Grant.

Submit Your Final Report

For current Safe & Clean Grant recipients: click here to submit your final grant report.


Do I have to submit a receipt to receive a check from Keep Cincinnati Beautiful? Yes; in order to receive a check from KCB, you must submit detailed receipts of all purchases. If you are hiring someone to do labor, please submit the original invoice from that transaction (after their work on the project is done).

Do my volunteers have to be from the neighborhood where the project is occurring? No; volunteers can be from any neighborhood near or far as long as they are in fact volunteers and are unpaid.

Does my application have to be in on the deadline or is there a little leeway? Out of respect for those who hustle to get their applications in before the deadline, if your application is not in by 5 PM on the due date, it will not be considered. You’re more than welcome to resubmit for the following round of funding though.

I want to do a project over a longer period of time than a year. Can I spread out the money over two or more years? The money from Safe and Clean grants is to be used for one-time costs during the span of one year only. If all of the money is not spent during that year, the money is returned to the Safe and Clean fund. A community may, however, apply for additional grants as long as each project has a separate end goal or purpose.

I want to modify my project after the contract is signed. Can I do that? In order to modify a Safe & Clean funded project, the grantee representative must submit an Amendment Request Form to Keep Cincinnati Beautiful for approval from the Safe & Clean Committee. If approved, the grantee may proceed with the modified project plan.

For any additional questions, please call Marissa Reed at (513) 352-4388.