Guides & Studies

The following is a collection of guides, handouts, and studies that may be useful to you and your community.

Click to download:


    • Community Action Guide – for information on how to deal with litter and blight issues within the City of Cincinnati



    • Volunteer Guide – KCB’s tips for creating and organizing your own community improvement project





    • Blight Index Manual – for information on how to conduct a survey of blight in your community







    • Center for Problem-Oriented Policing – this links to several guides including Dealing With Crime and Disorder in Urban Parks, Using CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) in Problem Solving, and Partnering with Businesses to Address Public Safety


    • The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society – with more than a decade of experience cleaning and greening vacant lots around the city, the PHS Philadelphia LandCare program has been in place long enough and widely enough for academic researchers to document its exponential benefits on the health, safety and value of Philadelphia neighborhoods
    • Vacant Lots Occupied – a comprehensive guide designed to help cities and neighborhood organizations address and utilize vacant land