Recycling Wine

Posted on Jul 3, 2014 in Green Tip

We know in the Greater Cincinnati region that we can recycle glass, but interestingly enough, according to the EPA, the national recycling rate for wine bottles is only 30 percent. When you consider that the U.S. wine industry believes Americans purchase more than 300 million cases of wine each year, that’s a lot of empty wine bottles heading to our landfills.

There are dozens of creative uses for old wine bottles so even if you don’t have access to recycling, you can still keep your share out of the landfill. One great use for used bottles is to place them inside your boots. The bottles keep your boots upright for easier storage and keeps the leg part from creasing. If you’re a crafty person, you can use them to make things like decorated candle holders, vases, bird feeders, tiki torches, even garden edging!

While recycling the bottle may be a no-brainer, you may not know that you can also recycle the cork through ReCORK America. Whole Foods collects corks for free and ReCORK America turns them into flooring, shoes, and more. If you have any leftover wine you can pour it in a compost bin or use it for cooking!