Mother Nature, Be Mine

Posted on Feb 11, 2015 in Green Tip

Valentine’s Day is this Saturday, and whether you keep it simple or go “all out”, there are many opportunities to reduce your impact on the environment and show Mother Earth some love too!

Valentine’s Day cards are the second most popular seasonal card purchased in America hitting about 145 million units, not including the classroom varieties. That’s a lot of paper! When you’re searching for the perfect card, look for one made from recycled content and recycle any cards you receive. Even better – send an e-card instead of a paper card!

Next, if you plan on exchanging gifts with your loved one, shop thrift stores for unique vintage jewelry or head to your nearest supermarket for organic, fair trade chocolate. Chocolate that is fair trade certified means that farmers were compensated fairly, and usually those companies make additional steps to be sustainable, like minimally packaging their products or implementing sustainable farming practices.

While nothing says Valentine’s Day like a bouquet of roses, there are more sustainable options. For example, potted flowers or plants! For the money you’ll spend, potted plants will last much longer getting you a bigger bang for your buck. If you purchase a pot of planted daffodils through Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, we’ll use the proceeds from each sale to plant even more daffodils along 71, 75, and 471 this fall. That’s really a gift that keeps on giving! So head to our website,, if you want to learn more.

Lastly, if you’re going out to celebrate, choose a restaurant that uses local, seasonal, and/or organic ingredients. At, you can also find out what bars and restaurants recycle. If you can’t get a coveted reservation on February 14, grab a bottle of local wine or a 6-pack from one of Cincinnati’s famous brewers and gather ingredients for an intimate home-cooked meal instead!