Help Your Party Guests Go Green

Posted on Sep 18, 2013 in Green Tip

Throwing a baby or bridal shower, birthday party or family gathering can be stressful. To make matters even tougher, the after-party cleanup often involves picking recyclables out of your trash can, removing litter from your lawn and disposing of guests’ leftover gift wrap and food packaging. You don’t want to be rude to your guests, but you’d like them to embrace your green way of living while visiting your home. So here are some suggestions from

Start by identifying a goal for your green celebration such as a zero-waste, all-local, or plastic-free event and state it in the invitation. For example, if you host a zero-waste potluck, specifically ask your guests to pack food in reusable containers and avoid disposable packaging. For a birthday party, you might ask your guests not to wrap gifts. Although it might be unusual for some, most people will embrace it if it’s mentioned upfront.

During the party, make sure your trash, recycling, and compost bins are clearly marked so your guests know where to put their trash. Consider the items that will be disposed of that day and list them on a sign next to the corresponding bin to avoid any confusion.

Another way to green your party is to host it outside. Having your party at a park, for example, can save energy and help your guests connect with nature.

And finally, if you intend to send guests home with party favors, make sure you choose sustainable products or natural gifts like plants, seed packets, or bird seed.