Greening the Hills Thanks To The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Posted on Jul 10, 2015 in NewsFlash!, Sponsor Spotlight

The-Greater-Cincinnati-Foundation-Logo-2011Keep Cincinnati Beautiful takes aim at reducing blight while working to increase areas of natural greenspace through restoration and maintenance of vacant, unkempt lots throughout the Price Hills. This project, referred to as “The Greener Hills”, is funded in part by a grant from The Greater Cincinnati Foundation. “Our goal is to restore, maintain and enhance 40 abandoned lots over a two year period throughout the neighborhoods of Lower Price Hill, East Price Hill and West Price Hill,” said Linda Holterhoff, executive director of Keep Cincinnati Beautiful.

Drew Goebel, Vacant Lot Stabilization program manager explained, “The project’s initial step will be to identify lots in key neighborhood locations that once restored will help stabilize the area’s quality of life.” Under this project, KCB will contract with Easter Seals TriState’s Building Value (a social enterprise targeting adults with employment barriers), and Lawn Life (a non-profit organization who places disconnected youth with opportunities to gain real work experience and transferable skills) to perform site work and maintenance. “Not only are we improving the quality of life for residents, this project will increase access to job skills and work readiness opportunities in landscaping and light construction targeting both adults with disabilities and/or workforce disadvantages and youth in high risk situations,” said Goebel.

To ensure the project’s future sustainability, KCB will collaborate with neighborhood representatives in developing comprehensive neighborhood lot restoration plans. For the past four years, KCB and the University of Cincinnati DAPP program has created a community-based workshop series and tool kit, “Vacant Lots: Occupied (VLO)”, designed to help communities and neighborhood organizations strategically restore and enhance vacant lots into socially, culturally and environmentally responsible assets. “We are proud of our partnership with UC’s DAPP program,” said Holterhoff. “Because of funding from GCF for this project, KCB will take “VLO” one step further by incorporating designs for stormwater management”

“Clean water and stormwater management is a major issue as Cincinnati’s sewer systems are inadequate to handle all the stormwater runoff during a heavy rain event, “said Goebel. “The way the system is built, when there is a high volume of stormwater runoff the system is overwhelmed and raw sewage overflows ending up in the Ohio River. Rain gardens, along with other forms of managing runoff, are created to minimize the amount entering the system. With funding from GCF for this project, the hills couldn’t look greener!


For more information about this partnership, contact:

Denise Brodsky

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For more information about the Private Lot Abatement Program, contact:

Drew Goebel

(513) 352-4383