Green Your Workplace

Posted on May 3, 2013 in Green Tip

Studies are finding that having houseplants around the office may provide more than just simple aesthetic value. Many houseplant species are adept at removing indoor air pollutants. Having plants in the work place not only makes it healthier for employees but it can cut down on costly air filters that do the same job. Additionally, a study conducted by NASA found that people actually recover from illness faster in the presence of plants.

But it’s not just health that plants can benefit. A University of Washington study found that houseplant-adorned surroundings increased productivity in a computer task by 12 percent and resulted in smaller increases in blood pressure during the task. In other words, it was less stressful.

When choosing plants for the office, consider plants that can tolerate low light, minimal watering, and small amounts of soil. A few examples are bamboo palms, spider plants, Snake Plants, or peace lilies.