Green Birthday Party

Posted on Jul 3, 2014 in Green Tip

Kids’ birthday parties generate a lot of trash. Wrapping paper, disposable plates and cups, birthday cards, balloons, and favors add up to several bags of garbage. By making more environmentally friendly choices, you can keep the earth green — and you can save money!
One way to start is to choose an earth-friendly theme such as a garden party, butterfly celebration or a bug safari.
Then consider using online invitations. You’ll save on paper and postage, and it’s an easy way for other parents to reply. If you prefer traditional invitations, use paper that’s already around the house. Print out invitations from your computer on recycled paper. Involve kids in coloring and decorating the cards, and hand deliver as many of the invitations as possible.

Next, give favors that can be reused or nix the goodie bags all together. A small paperback book or some art supplies are a great substitute for the candy-and-toy-filled goody bag.
Making your own birthday cake instead of purchasing one from the grocery store can also be a green choice. Store-bought cakes often come in disposable pans and cardboard boxes, generating extra trash. Making your own cake will be cheaper, and you can choose more natural ingredients.

Lastly, check out the site for a long list of more ways you can green your kids’ birthday parties! And have some fun with it!