Gifts for the “Green” Baby

Posted on Oct 18, 2013 in Green Tip

Is it just me, or have there been a lot of new babies born in the past few months? When meeting a new baby, we often want to bring a small gift for them (or the new mom), but don’t want to waste money buying more “junk” that they don’t want or need. This is especially true for environmentally-conscious families who have particular desires for the things they keep in their home.

Here are some quick gift ideas for the “green baby”:

Cloth diapers. Many green families have at least a few cloth diapers at home, even if they don’t use them around the clock. Cloth diapers save money and resources and look really cute! The new mom might be interested in trying cloth, but needs a few diapers to try out before she takes the leap. Give her a head start and buy a few for her to try.

Glass bottles or sippy cups. Many breastfed babies use bottles on occasion, and most eco-conscious families avoid plastics. It’s not too hard to find a set of glass bottles that is targeted “for breastfeeding babies.” Or, you can jump ahead a few months and get the new baby their first sippy cup. Find glass sippy cups with rubber protective cases (so they don’t break when dropped) or stainless steel.

Sustainably-made toys. Many children’s toys are made of questionable materials. Skip the plastic and buy the new baby a set of sustainable-harvested wooden blocks or a handmade baby doll. Most toys made for the eco-conscious will have only natural dyes and sustainable (or recycled) materials. Check the labels and know the lingo. It won’t be too hard to find something that both baby—and mom and dad—will love.

Organic blankets and clothing. There’s nothing better than wrapping a newborn baby in a blanket that is made well, will last longer than the baby will need it, and is made from quality materials. It’s surprisingly easy to find baby clothes and blankets made with organic cotton and wool. Just check the labels! You may pay a tiny bit more for the better materials, but it’s a small price to pay for a product you can feel good about for the baby.

If all else fails, many environmentally- conscious families don’t really need more “stuff.” Gift them, instead, with a homemade meal, free babysitting, or a gift card to their favorite restaurant or store. Who says gifts have to be “things” to be given well?

Contributed by Liz McEwan, Event Coordinator