Don’t Waste That Rainwater!

Posted on Apr 7, 2015 in Green Tip

 You know what they say about “April showers,” right? Well, sometimes rain water seems to have a mind of its own. Either it overflows drains or floods basements or just never seems to get to the “May flowers” that need it most.

Many home and business owners see this important natural resource as more of a nuisance than an opportunity and, in turn, let gallons of valuable water wash right down the drain. But, a small investment and a few small changes to your property could mean the difference between a thriving, growing garden and a starving wasteland.

Collect your rain water!

Rain barrel - GreenA decent rain water collection system doesn’t need to be expensive. Both local natural resources departments and local landscaping businesses will have prefab collection systems available. Or, you can make one yourself if you’re handy or looking to save money.

With a rain collection system in place, instead of rain water depositing in the stormdrain system, it will be saved for later use. The most common use it to install a spiket or hose to the collection barrel and use it to water a garden or lawn. But some people go so far as to build complex rain gardens that are fed by rain water or to install natural rain water showers or toilets that reduce municipal water usage and water costs.

No matter what you use the water for, think twice about letting it wash over your roof and away before you’ve used it for what it was meant to do—nourish and grow our earth!