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Our shared vision for a clean, safe, and strong city has been the driving force behind our programming since 1978. We welcome and deeply appreciate donations of any size that support our mission. There are multiple ways to give!



Become a Friend of Keep Cincinnati Beautiful

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Click here to make a one-time donation or to set up a reoccurring gift. Our safe and secure site accepts multiple payment options. You can enter your banking info to electronically transfer funds directly from your bank account or you can use a credit/debit card!

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Checks or money orders made payable to Keep Cincinnati Beautiful can be mailed or delivered to:

Keep Cincinnati Beautiful 1115 Bates Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45225

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Call our office at (513) 352-4380 to make your gift over the phone. Please have your credit/debit card information ready!

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Workplace Giving:

community_sharesDonate Through Community Shares of Greater Cincinnati



 Send Flowers:

H.-J.-BenkenWhen you purchase a pot of daffodils from H. J. Benken Florist & Greenhouse through this partnership program, Keep Cincinnati Beautiful will use the proceeds from each sale to support ongoing beautification programs! For just $50.00, a small blooming plant will be delivered to the home, work place, church or funeral home of the recipient with a lovely note about our program. This gift is perfect for holidays such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, and memorials. For more information or to place your order online, visit or call (513) 891-1040.

Honorariums & Memorials

2015-2016 Donations

In Honor Of:

Helen Barhorst, Robert & Patricia Kessler

Eileen Barrett, Debbie Oliver

Allison Goodman, Charles & Peggy Landes

Linda Holterhoff, Carolyn Milillo

Linda Holterhoff, Christine Schoonover & George Verkamp

Emery Lehenbaur, John & Alicia Stoughton

Norm Lindblad, Joyce Thieman & Mr. Earl W. Ross

Brad Lindner, Anonymous

Nellie Logarta Obail, Mary Gormally Franzosa

Terry Robinson, Julie Mahlin

Cindy Sherding, Stefanie Sunderland

Frannie Thompson, Rebecca Joy

Mr & Mrs. Alan Wolf 50th Wedding Anniversary, Dr. Lee & Brenda Shonfield

In Memory Of:

Christine Evans Augustine, Arthur & Catherine Evans

Beloved Sister, Lee & Brenda Shonfield

Larry Benassi, Marie Hill

Doris Burdsall, Melanie T. Cushion

Jack Cannon, David Caudill & Nicole Kingery

Roger & Patti Clark, Robert & Lynne Carter

Nancy Cleary, Joyce Yock

Alma Combs, Linda and Chip Holterhoff

Don Dillman, Linda Holterhoff

Mark Wood Driscoll, Christine Driscoll

Roy Duff, Erhard & Sara Friedrichsmeyer

Clint & Val Foster, David Foster & Nicole Kingery

Mr. & Mrs. Clinton Foster, Charles & Judy Foster

Christena C. Fox, Kevin & Ruthann F Carr

Edwina “Winnie” Hammond, Paul Koch

Edwina “Winnie” Hammond, Maurice Koch, Jr.

Edna B. Hedgespeth, Goodwyn B. McArthur, Ph.D.

Estelle Heekin, Mark Heekin

Susan Hermes, Melody Kozlok

Virginia Holland , John & Martha Holland

Dr. Lee Horvitz, Joseph & Kathleen Gorman

Benjamin C Hubbard, III, TJ & Dora Cope

Richard Huenefeld, Thomas & Catherine Huenefeld

Caroline Ilg, Elizabeth Pack

Elouise Jarmon, Victoria Ireland

John P. Kiely, Marlene Kiely

Mary Jane Lathrop, Linda Holterhoff

The Very Rev. James R. Leo, Patricia E Leo

Anthony Littleton, Richard & Mildred Sellers

Barb Macke, Stephen Smookler

Luka Marelic, Mark & Elza Jonas

Noretta Markley, James & Janice Amatulli

Michael Marmo, Morita Marmo

Irwin Meyer, Carol Barbro

Herbert Middendorff, Pam Middendorff

Gene Morrison, Lee Oberlag

Ted Motz, Elisa Gallon

Beverly Mourning, John & Liz McEwan

Eileen Murphy, Karen Smith-DeMarco

Jean Neidhart, Phil & Nancy Stoughton

Dottie Nightingale , Steve & Nora Fink

David Passer, Mary Tanke

D. Michael Poast, Rebecca Gasweiler Poast

Mary Lyons Quill, Heather Rae Byer

Helen Ramsey, Robert & Lynne Carter

Terry Ramstetter , Chip & DeDe Dennig

Mrs. Robinson, Jack & Sue Helbling

John J. Roth, Sylvia Roth

Lucy Saladino, Elizabeth Saladino

Mary Schroeder, John & Lynn Cook

Paul Schwab, Marion Mitchell

Lovetta Scovanner, Linda Holterhoff

Dianne Smith, Chip & Linda Holterhoff

Robin & Susan Knapki Claunch Stark ,Ronald & Evelyn Claunch

William Steele ,Ronald & Melanie Brubaker

Albert F.Stewart, Judy Stewart

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Stortz, Susan Bilz

Natasha Strauss, Melanie T. Cushion

Barbara Tedesco, Carolyn Bladh

Eddie Thayer, Ann Ambler

William Thayer, Keep Cincinnati Beautiful Staff

Viola Wahlbrink, John & Martha Holland

Edith Waldeck, Michael & Lisa Russell

William Weis, Paul & Natalie Weis

Clover Holly Wolf, Tim MacConnell

Jas. Michael Zimmerman ,Virginia Vonderheide Zimmerman


Sponsorship Information:

Is your business interested in supporting our programs or donating toward a corporate volunteer event? Download our 2014-2015 KCB Sponsorship Packet or contact Denise Brodsky at 513-352-4386 for more information. You may also make project-specific corporate donations here.



All contributions from U.S. donors are tax-deductible in accordance with IRS regulations. If you are located outside of the United States, please consult your local regulations regarding tax-deductions. Click here to view our IRS Form 990 on GuideStar.

Thank you for choosing to make a contribution to Keep Cincinnati Beautiful!