Boating Tips for Staying Green

Posted on Jul 8, 2013 in Green Tip

If you find yourself lucky enough to be on a boat this summer, make sure you do your part to help keep our oceans and marine life healthy. Ocean Conservancy and Good Mate have come up with a green boating guide which can be downloaded at In the meantime, follow these tips which spell out BOATS!

B – Be a leader in your community. Talk about marine litter prevention with members of your boating community,
from your neighbor in the next slip to boating clubs and marina managers.

O – Offer your time. Volunteer in boat and marina cleanup programs, especially at sites only accessible by boat.

A – Accidents happen. Be prepared with absorbent pads to clean oil or fuel spills. Dish soap doesn’t work as it just causes those liquids to sink and contaminate the bottom.

T – Take it all back to shore. Don’t allow cigarette butts to go overboard; small but significant, they are the most
prevalent marine litter item found during the international Coastal Cleanup. Dispose of them properly onshore.

Lastly S – Set the pace. Recycle everything you can, from beverage containers to propeller-snarling fishing line and plastic bags.